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Made in Australia, Uncompromised

Beauty, Uncompromised - Born of the Australian Spirit


Functionality, Uncompromised

Forever Unbreakable Guarantee, Uncompromised

Forever Unbreakable Guarantee

Recyclability, Uncompromised

Low Energy, Uncompromised


Service, Uncompromised


Marc Newson for the 36th America’s Cup - The Prada Cup & Logo

Environment Update

The pace of change is getting quicker as we move from theory to taking practical steps. We aim to be at the leading edge.

Recycling is IN

Recycling is becoming more widespread as the technology of cleaning, resorting and reusing improves and as household waste is sorted better. At home, we now have 3 bins - one for organic waste which is turned into fertilizer - one for recyclable waste which can be resorted and reused - and the third for non-recyclable waste which ends up as landfill.

The focus should now be on reducing the non-recyclable waste.

All our products are recyclable if required.

Long-life is IN, Single-use is OUT

Most of our products are guaranteed unbreakable forever - so they will last forever

Melamine and Bamboo-Melamine is OUT

They cannot be remelted so they cannot be recycled.

They can contaminate recyclable waste if mis-takingly mixed in with it.

They can have a short life as they can break or chip

Biodegradable Plastic is OUT

Biodegradable plastic has an additive that helps normal plastic breakdown into small pieces when exposed to sunlight and moisture - creating an even bigger problem.

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US Patents Granted on Palm Caffe Cup