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Palm Tritan™ Forever Unbreakable Salad Bowl and Lid - No stock in the USA - order from Australian site -

The Palm salad bowl and lid is truly versatile.
And as with all of Palm’s designs, it performs its intended function.
It can be used as a salad bowl with lid and reverses to become a plate and dome.
It is made from super-tough BPA-free Tritan™ and is backed by our Forever Unbreakable Guarantee in normal use. 

The lid fits with such precision that it is virtually air-tight, but because there is a small gap it does not jam. The lid can be easily lifted-off with one hand.

It is dishwasher safe, and can withstand daily normal dishwashing on the top or bottom shelf.
For storage, the bowl has a stacking rim.
The Palm Salad Bowl and Lid is made in our Palm Outdoor Australia’s facility in Melbourne, Australia, under quality standards ISO9001:15 and ISO14001:15 (environmental).
The lid is available in clear, solid black, solid white and transparent blue.
  • Classic shape
  • Form follows function design
  • Glass-like clarity


  • BPA-free Tritan
  • Forever Unbreakable Guaranteed in normal use
  • Bowl and Lid reverses to become a plate and dome
  • High sides and vertical at top perfect for tossing salads
  • Bowl stacks onto outside ledge without sticking
  • Lid can be lifted off with one hand leaving the other for serving.
  • Scratch resistant
  • Forever dishwasher safe in private use
  • Fits dishwasher top and bottom shelf


  • Forever Reusable  
  • Long-life + 100% recyclable = lower energy per use and no landfill


  • Diameter 265mm
  • Height 120mm

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